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Creating Memories

Arbuckle Wedding Chapel is a charming vintage venue in the countryside, conveniently located on Interstate 35 in the Arbuckle Mountain Recreation Area of southern Oklahoma.  We provide all the necessary amenities in our affordable packages.

We can also plan your wedding and even perform the ceremony in the local area, at your home/ranch or public attractions like Turner Falls. So whether your wedding is elegant/modern/traditional or country/vintage/rustic/chic, we would LOVE to plan your dream-come-true wedding. 

Create a truly romantic experience

We have unique indoor and outdoor event spaces that allow your guests to move around while keeping your gathering intimate.



NOTE: When you click the “Book a Wedding Date” button, you will be taken to our registration page. Simply click the “register” button in blue. Please follow the booking and payment instructions. Our team will contact you to confirm availability and to begin planning the event.


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