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Choosing A Wedding Venue

You have finally found your forever person and decided to tie the knot.  Congratulations!  The hard part is done.  Now you may be wondering where to start looking for the venue to host your wedding. From backyard garden weddings to lavish ballroom affairs, there are so many unique styles of venues that it can be hard to know where to start.  As you search, you come across a lot of different options. Some event spaces offer a more elegant or traditional setting, while others provide a more rustic experience. You will also come across inclusive venues or those that require you to bring in and set up your own decorations and organize your own vendors.

There are numerous aspects to consider when selecting your wedding space; it is essential to find one that matches your budget, tastes, and needs. When deciding on the right spot for you, think about what is most important: how much time do you have to dig through and coordinate all the details? Do you want something more traditional?  How many people do you plan to invite?  Perhaps you want an intimate ceremony with a dozen or so of your nearest and dearest.  Check out our intimate wedding packages!

Are there other special considerations, like perhaps you want your furry best friend to stand at the altar with you?  What type of entertainment, if any, would you like?  DJs are very popular.  Our is fantastic and included in our full-service packages, so it is made amazingly simple for you during what can be a busy and stressful time.  Perhaps you want to have your favorite band play on your big day?  Who will perform the ceremony?  Once you answer these questions, it will be easier to narrow down your options and select the ideal spot for your big day!

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right venue.  The space should be able to meet your needs, provide the right atmosphere and have a capacity to hold all your guests. It’s essential to choose a spot with enough space. Also ask yourself the following questions: Do you have a specific desired location, such as an outdoor patio, a gazebo, or a local landmark? Is your event primarily indoor or outdoor?  What will you do in the event of unpleasant weather?  Are there certain “must do” photos for your big day?

What kind of AV equipment do you want for your event? Do you plan a slideshow?  Karaoke?  DJ?  Light show?  Fireworks?  Sparklers?  There are so many options?

Top 3 Tips on How to pick a wedding that will Fit your Budget and Style

The venue is one of the primary considerations you’ll have to make for your wedding because the availability helps in finalizing your date.  Other considerations, such as hotels for out-of-town guests, also often depend on first determining the location.  The venue is usually the largest expense in the wedding budget also.  What are you getting for that cost?  What else is additional?  Do you have time to “DIY”?  It is a decision that will affect not only your budget but also the style of your day.

1) Consider what type of wedding you want: When planning your wedding, you must consider the kind of wedding you want. Do you want a traditional wedding or a more modern affair? Are you looking for a small intimate wedding or a significant extravagant event? Once you know what kind of wedding you want, you can look at venues and vendors that will fit your budget and style.

2) Consider what size of ceremony space fits your needs: 

Size is another vital point to consider when planning your wedding.

How many people would you like to come? Will you need a large venue to accommodate everyone? Or can you keep things more intimate with a smaller guest list? It’s helpful to also keep in mind whether the venue has enough restrooms and parking for your intended number of guests.

3) Consider how much time you have to plan: Finally, consider how much time you have available for wedding planning. If you have plenty of other responsibilities like work or caring for children or parents, you may want a full-service venue like ours where we take most of the work off your plate.  Whatever timeline you are working with, give yourself enough time to enjoy the planning process and create the wedding of your dreams!

Oklahoma offers many beautiful venues, from historic theatres to parks to rustic barns to our vintage countryside chapel!

We hope that this article helped you find the perfect location for you.

So Much More Than Weddings!

Elegant Events and Weddings, formerly known as Arbuckle Wedding Chapel, has been known as the place for timeless weddings for decades. Although we have full intentions of continuing the tradition of weddings, we are also here for a number of other occasions.

We would like to offer a beautiful space to celebrate your birthday, anniversary, quince, Christmas party, engagement party and so much more! Today, as we celebrate the life of a beloved community member, we want to remind you that we are also available for memorial services. Allow us to help your family and friends gather to create and share a lifetime of memories, no matter the circumstances. 

Give us a call today at 580-369-3535 to discuss booking an event or to schedule a tour.

Thank you.

A Boo-tiful Wedding

Fall often brings us beautiful weather and also provides us extra time with loved ones with the start of the holiday festivities.  It can also be a fantastic time for a wedding!  There are so many ways to celebrate fall at your wedding, from the decorations to the food and outfits!

The changing leaves and cool weather make for perfect outdoor photo ops.

Some couples love the idea of reusing pumpkin and fall floral décor to have a Halloween wedding, and if you have many children or families attending your wedding, it’s a great month for outdoor activities and incorporating family friendly traditions like pumpkins, a hot cocoa bar, campfire s’mores and much more. You can also have a harvest wedding in late September or early October. This can work well if you blend harvest traditions with autumnal colors.

Others have done more of a “spooky” wedding theme and added details like pumpkin-shaped cookies or spider-web cake. You could even include costumes for yourselves or your guests to create an informal but fun atmosphere.

Standard autumnal colors include gold, orange, and burgundy, so you can find ways to incorporate these into your decorations. For food, autumn is the perfect time to enjoy hearty, warm dishes.    

A scarecrow is a traditional autumnal decoration, but you can bring it a little more into your ceremony by having one at your altar. You can also have corn stalks scattered around the altar to help tie in the corn husk flowers.

Or you could have a “spooky” first dance song- perhaps something like “Thriller,” “Time Warp,” or “Time After Time.” You could also have a “spooky” first dance style, like having your first dance in black or purple or being a choreographed dance like “Thriller.”

It’s hard to believe that fall is finally here after the long hot summer we had this year!  

If you are recently engaged or thinking about it, you might consider planning a fall wedding!


Brooklynn Nunley

Manager of Elegant Events and Weddings LLC

Welcome to our new venue manager Brooklynn Nunley!  Brooklynn was born and raised in Lindsay, OK. She has great experience with all sorts of events from running her own business, Whiskey BeNt Bartending.  She is a strong team player who loves meeting people, helping create a perfect day, and making memories to last a lifetime.  She is comfortable with new ideas and eager to learn about your vision for your big day.  She is excited to be a part of Elegant Events and Weddings, and looks forward to working with our wonderful event hosts and guests. In her spare time, she loves riding horses and other outdoor activities, and spending time with her family and friends. 

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